Frequently asked questions

General Information

Q: Can I use the indoor A frame tents outside?

A: Unfortunately not. The A frame tents are not waterproof and only available for indoor use.ettings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Q: What is the recommended age for your A frame sleepovers?

A: The A frame tents are not suitable for children under the age of 5 for overnight use. We can offer a day set up to accommodate the little ones.

Q: Do I need a power supply?

A: Our A frame tents are styled with gorgeous fairy lights, so yes, a power source is required. Dreamy Sleepovers supply an extension lead if required.

Q: How long does it take to set up the A frame tents?

A: It takes approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour to set up up the A frame tents for 6. The time to set up will be dependent on the number of tents ordered.

Q: How big are the mattresses for the A frame tents?

A: All of our mattresses are full size single foam mattresses from Clarke Rubber. Each mattress measures 1 meter in width x 2 meters in length.

Q: How much room do I need per A frame tent set up?

A: At a minimum, each A frame tent set up requires 2 meters in length x 1.2 meters in width. More length room allows for mat and tray placement in front of each tent.

We are masters at Tetris and have never had a party we couldn’t set up.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We deliver anywhere, however our free delivery radius is 25kms from Mornington.

If you live outside this area, please contact us and we can provide you with a travel fee quote.

Q: Can we eat in the tents?

A: Yes of course you can, however we do ask that only dry foods and water be consumed inside the A frame tents/bell tent.

Bell Tents

Q: What size is the bell tent?

A: The bell is 5 meters in diameter. The centre pole is 3 meters high with the entrance A frame being 1.75 meters wide.

Q: How much space is required for the bell tent

A: The bell tent requires an area of 7 meters in diameter for it to look its best. We can make it go a little smaller, however we suggest you give us a call to discuss your options.

Q: Do I need grass, or can the bell tent go on another surface?

A: Grass, lawn or dirt is required to set up the bell tent.

As we use tent pegs to secure the tent, we are unable to utilise any other surface.

We also request that prior to setting the bell tent up, you let us know of any water, gas, sprinklers or electricity that may run through the tent set up area

Q: What if it rains?

A: Our bell tent season runs from October until March, when hopefully Melbourne’s weather can deliver glorious days.

Our bell tents are waterproof, however on booking we will discuss with you a back up plan if the forecast is for terrible rain and wind.

The bell tent is like any other tent, although waterproof, once the roof or walls are touched, they become a weak area and the water will drip inside the tent.

Q: How long does it take to set up the bell tent?

A: It takes approximately 1.5 hours to set up up the bell tent for 6

Q: Do I need a power supply?

A: Our bell tents are styled with gorgeous fairy lights, so yes,

a power source is required within a reasonable distance from the bell tent.

My Dreamy Teepee supply an extension lead if required.

Q: How big are the mattresses in the bell tent?

A: All of our mattresses are full size single foam mattresses from Clarke Rubber.

Each mattress measures 1 meter in width x 2 meters in length.

Q: Can I have a fire near the Bell tent?

A: The bell tent, although waterproof is definitely not fire proof.

Under no circumstance can any form of naked flame be used within a 5 meter area of the bell tent.

Any burns to the canvas or flooring will result in the hirer replacing the bell tent.

Booking or Cancellations

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: A minimum of 7 days notice is required in writing to cancel a booking.

Anything after this date will be charged as your original booking price.

We know things pop up with children, one day they can attend the next they can’t.

We will allow any changes to the numbers of linen set ups required 2 days prior to your party.

( Wednesday for a Friday party, Thursday for a Saturday party)

Any changes made after the 2 days, you will be charged your original booking price.

Please understand, that besides the washing, a lot of time and preparation for your party takes place.

Q Is a deposit required?

A Upon selecting your date and theme, Dreamy Sleepovers requires a $100 deposit to secure your date.

Please note that a party is not confirmed until a deposit is received.

Q When is the balance due?

A The balance is due 7 days prior to your party via bank deposit or on the day in cash.

Q Is a bond required?

A Yes please. Although everyone tries their hardest, we understand that accidents can happen.

On the day of set up, a $100 cash bond is required.

This cash bond is returned to you on pack up if there is no damage, breakages, staining or soiling to any of the hired equipment.

When hiring the cinema package, if any damage or breakages occur to the projector, speaker or inflatable screen, you will be invoiced accordingly for replacement/repair cost.

COVID-19 and Safety Questions

Q: How is all the equipment cleaned?

A: Dreamy Sleepovers take great pride in how our equipment is cleaned (as it’s what I spend most of my time doing).

All linen including cushion covers are laundered in a sensitive washing powder and anti bacterial hygiene rinse. All linen is line dried and then put in the dryer for the last part.

All decorations and tents are wiped with Anti bacterial wipes or sprayed with an antibacterial spray.

(We are also following the Government advise on COVID 19 cleaning procedures, please feel free to contact us and I can run through with you the additional sanitation measures we are under taking)

Q: Is Dreamy Sleepovers insured?

A: Absolutely yes! Although all of our parties are safe, all of our hire equipment is fully insured for public liability and product insurance.

Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

A. We take your privacy and that of your guest seriously.

Dreamy Sleepovers will not share any of your personal details with anyone.

Under no circumstance will we take photos of your children.

We do however take photos, (completely focused on our tents or hired equipment) of all of our set ups to share on social media.


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